Friday, January 15, 2010

Lycos/Tripod Leads Lame List of NoFollow Freebies

While scouring the internet for sites where I can post my link (or create a free site and post my links), I've run across several who attach a nofollow code to your links. This makes the link essentially useless for SEO because search engines generally don't follow them. Why a company would do such a thing is beyond me, but here is the lame list of nofollow freebie sites that you probably shouldn't bother wasting your time submitting your site to. I'll also include the list of free sites who don't let you have an active hyperlink. All signs say those sorts of inactive links are equally as useless. – uses no follow (don’t bother) – uses no follow (don’t bother) - uses nofollow – uses no follow – they use nofollow – masks the link, so probably not so good

No active hyperlink - 33,770 - no active hyperlink - no active hyperlink (actually - no active hyperlink (actually domain name) - ranked 88,526 – no active hyperlink - no active hyperlink - no hyperlink (unless you do it manually) - no active hyperlink - no active hyperlink - no active hyperlink

Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Free Classified Ad Sites to Post Your Link On

As of December 19, 2009, all of these sites work and accept free ads! Enjoy
this list of over 30 free classified ad web sites.
they use nofollow
- no active hyperlink
- no active hyperlink - post 3 ads
per free account - no active hyperlink|1  - no
active hyperlink (unless you do it manually)
- no active hyperlink

Friday, December 4, 2009

Post Your Link On Free Ad Link Sites

If you want your site to acquire a high page rank, you'll want to get its link on as many sites as possible. The best sites are those who don't put the "nofollow" code in the link, so search engines will follow the link and spider (and credit) your site. After scouring the web for some time and submitting my own sites, I've accumulated a list of urls where you can visit and post your site's link. It may take an hour or two to get through the whole list, but you won't regret it. Not only will you begin getting more click-thru traffic, but your site's page rank will increase - increasing its visibility in search engines. – wouldn’t validate the
- must include main page reciprocal
- should be in Michigan – very popular site,
allows html and unlimited links
– masks the link, so probably
not so good - very popular directory

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Use Google AdWords for SEO Reasons

Recently, I was looking in Google at a competitor's links and I noticed his site was listed in search engines as a Sponsored Ad. When I visited these sites with his link, I noticed it was his Google Ad that the search engine had spidered and recognized. This made me realize how his page rank was positively affected by using Google AdWords. When your site is linked by others, it helps your page rank. Why wouldn't it count if it were a Google Ad?

This discovery made me begin advertising one of my sites again with Google AdWords and its page rank has been increasing. I have the site being found in search engines and on other web sites. It has received about 1400 page views and 3 clicks. Getting clicks for .15 per click is fine, but the #1 reason for the advertisement is the value it has in Google's page rank algorithm.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Create a Google Profile and Add Your Links

Do you know what the most popular site on the internet is? If you said Google, you're right. They are ranked #1 and probably will be for a long time. Did you know they let you create a free profile with lots of links to your favorite web sites? The power of links from popular web sites cannot be emphasized enough. Along with optimization, it is one of the primary ways to get your site listed highly in search engines. So, create a Google profile today and put all of your sites' links in it! Start by creating a free Gmail email account and you can quickly create a profile from there. Here is a link to my Google profile.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Join Discussion Boards and Forums

Join some discussion boards and forums, create a profile with your site’s link in it, put your link in your signature (which applies it to all of your posts) and begin posting relevant messages. Posting messages in a popular forum is a great way to spread links to your site. Not only will you get more traffic from clicks, but you can also increase your page rank by being linked from a popular site.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Consider Your Bandwidth Usage and Server RAM

Consider your bandwidth. Do you have enough? How much are you using? Every site has a limit on their bandwidth because the server has a limit. Think of bandwidth like the water that travels through a hose. The hose represents your bandwidth limit and the water represents all of the computers connected to your site.

If you’re running out of bandwidth, there are some ways to fix it. You can avoid letting people hotlink your images. You can block spiders or site harvesters or you can cut back on the number of large files (e.g. mp3 files, video files) you have on your site. You can also contact your host and ask for more bandwidth. Sometimes, it's very inexpensive (e.g. $5-10/month extra).

Another important thing to consider is your server's RAM. Just like the computer you're using right now, your server has RAM. If it doesn't have enough, it'll run slowly. How can you know if you have enough? Visit your web site and click a link and see how fast the page loads. Click another link and see. If you have a good computer that usually opens pages quickly and your pages are taking a long time to load, then the server load is likely too high. You may need more RAM.

Your visitor and page view count effect your server's performance. If you have a lot of visitors visiting at certain hours, they may experience some slowing. Try visiting your site at peak times (e.g. late morning and early afternoon) to see how quick it is. Visit some other sites and compare it. If you think it's too slow, then contact your host and ask for more RAM.