Sunday, November 1, 2009

Use Google AdWords for SEO Reasons

Recently, I was looking in Google at a competitor's links and I noticed his site was listed in search engines as a Sponsored Ad. When I visited these sites with his link, I noticed it was his Google Ad that the search engine had spidered and recognized. This made me realize how his page rank was positively affected by using Google AdWords. When your site is linked by others, it helps your page rank. Why wouldn't it count if it were a Google Ad?

This discovery made me begin advertising one of my sites again with Google AdWords and its page rank has been increasing. I have the site being found in search engines and on other web sites. It has received about 1400 page views and 3 clicks. Getting clicks for .15 per click is fine, but the #1 reason for the advertisement is the value it has in Google's page rank algorithm.

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